Creation an Office interior design is an easy thing, but designing the interior office beautiful, efficient, and elegant is not easy, there are a lot of things that should be considered, just sometimes things trivial and insignificant factor affecting the comfort and beauty of this office.

1. Office furniture interiors
Determine what type of office furniture you want to do, if you want to use furniture with minimalist design and a classic design complete with ornaments, office furniture must conform with the character of your company and does not rule out the convenience, if you want employees to create a chair of wood, also note in terms of comfort the employee will feel at home all day sitting on a wooden bench.

2. Need workspace.
Each office has a need for different rooms, offices, accounting firms would have been different with the design for the convection corporate offices, to determine how widespread the media space is needed, calculate carefully so that the office space becomes too narrow or too wide for the current space-consuming media can be used for other purposes.

3. Office interior lighting
Office Interior lighting point to be adjusted for a reading session or a position, layout and lighting should be adjusted so that when you see the screen of your eyes glare due to light it.

4. Interior design
In this case, you must use the services of an interior design firm with experience, so your office will become more beautiful and interesting to see.

5. Ventilation
Ventilation air goodwill in the long term positive impact, the air should be easy to go out ddan regularly, talk to your interior design architect.

Office Interior Design-Lighting

Office Interior Design Idea 2

Office Interior Design Idea

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